Ubuntu Images Collaboration Pty Ltd was registered in November 2015.

For a decade before that, it was known as OhWow Images, a solo venture undertaken by photographer and media producer, Riaan Fourie. The name change was not only strategic, but necessary, as the project is now a collaboration of professionals all dedicated to a common cause. OhWow Images had great success in raising funds for charitable organisations through the sale of its unique and breathtaking photographic art in the past.

Now Ubuntu Images builds on that good work and makes its influence felt even further afield.

Our Vision

  • A brighter future for all South Africans – one where everyone has access to quality education
  • The lives of people greatly improved by widespread access to the latest educational resources, facilities and technologies
  • An informed and educated generation, young and old, being nurtured one community at a time
  • A solid platform upon which knowledge is shared and the spirit of Ubuntu becomes second nature to all South Africans

Our Mission

  • To raise funds for humanitarian and conservation projects, through the sale of unique, large scale, limited edition and, most importantly, absolutely breathtaking photographic art
  • To take our prints on tour countrywide in order to raise funds and awareness about this project, which is very close to our heart
  • To grow our business and contribute to employment and the economy of our beautiful country
  • To travel Africa and produce similar Ubuntu Images projects for various humanitarian and conservation projects

We Support


HeadWay Gauteng

Lone Hill Environmental Fund