Southern African Panoramic Landscape Photography

Limited Edition Prints

The quintessential South African road trip is a manifestation of the cultural consciousness of this country.
Our stories are written in the roads that we have traveled and embedded in landscapes that are framed by road, horizon, sea and sky.

Ubuntu Images’ collection of panoramic photographs captures the delicate balance between travel and stasis – significant moments paused, captured, then allowed to slide past like scenes glimpsed through a car window.
Sweeping stillness, desolation, radiant skies that hum with energy, haunting natural landscapes and breathtaking urban nights – these are soulscapes.

Our exhibition challenges viewers to step beyond aesthetics and acknowledge the invisible communities – those men, women and children beyond the frames who are as much a part of the captured landscape as the wind and the grass.

This exhibition calls for social responsibility in art – the potential of photography not only to take from a landscape, but also to give back to it. Not just in aesthetic value, but by the actual power of the contributions of those who care.

Tankwa Rising IV

Wheetbix Country

The Platberg Sightings


Concrete Blue

Summer’s Dawn

Gold City Sentinel

Silhouette Sunrise

Gold City Sentinel II

Summer Thunderstorm at Noon



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